Our Vision

The Logan Staffing Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing staff to our partner agencies who have been trained in Person-Centered approaches to empower individuals to make meaningful and informed choices. Our staff demonstrate competencies in OPWDD, OCFS, DOHMH, and DHS core training requirements with strengths in positive behavior support, Strategies in Crisis Intervention and Prevention – Revised (SCIP-R), medical support, and effective supervision of the individuals they serve. We are committed to the continued training of our staff during the course of their professional careers with our company. We also provide supplemental training to our staff to meet the needs and requirements of our partners.

Core Values



  • We are committed to the continued improvement of our staff through training in the latest and best practices of care.
  • Our Certified Trainers are experienced in the Human Services field and have decades of proven experience training Direct Support Professionals.
  • Our staff will have the capacity to perform their required responsibilities and demonstrate competencies before they are assigned to work at our partner agencies.

customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

  • We provide our partners with recruitment of staff and efficient training solutions.
  • We provide knowledgeable and caring staff who will complement and work cooperatively with management and program staff.
  • We seek feedback from our partners to ensure quality improvement and make the necessary adjustments to their evolving needs.

logan staffing solutions


  • Provide qualified staff to meet the staffing challenges of programs.
  • Provide staff during challenging times such as early morning, overnight, weekends, and all Holidays.
  • Provide staff when program staffing requirements fall below minimum.
  • Customize our training programs to meet the unique needs and standards of our partners.

person centered thinking

Person-Centered Thinking

  • A willingness to discover the passions of the people we serve and provide opportunities for the exploration of, experience, and exposure to those same passions.
  • To treat our peers and individuals in a caring and compassionate manner while maintaining a positive attitude.
  • To have a can-do attitude and ability to see the best in everyone in all circumstances.



  • We conduct ourselves with honesty and are open to deal with feedback constructively and transparently.
  • Our staff demonstrate a strong work ethic and are knowledgeable of their responsibility to comply with federal and state regulations of the programs in which they work.