Olumese Logan

Chief Executive Officer

Olumese Logan, the founder of The Logan Staffing Solutions, Inc., has spent over 25 years mentoring and educating provider agencies to achieve high-quality programs for individuals with developmental disabilities. Mr. Logan has consulted with New York State agencies, day care centers, non-profits, faith-based and mental health organizations.

Mr. Logan has a Master’s of Science in Organizational Management and Leadership and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Behavioral Science. In addition to his academic accomplishments, he was awarded certifications from the NYS Governor’s Office of Employee Relations, John Jay Community College, and Stony Brook University. These certifications include “Managing Conflict in Residential Care Facilities”, “Building Effective Relationships in a Diverse Workplace”, and “Conflict Resolution”.

Loveness Logan

Associate Chief Executive Officer

Loveness T. Logan serves as the Vice President of The Logan Staffing Solutions, Inc. Loveness began her career initially working as a Direct Support Professional and has 12 years of experience working with adults with developmental disabilities. Additionally, she has extensive managerial experience in the operation of 22 residential homes.

Loveness has obtained her BA in Business Administration and HR Management with a minor in Psychology from Lehman College and is currently working to obtain her MS in Business and HR Management from her alma mater. Loveness is also currently serving as the Vice President of SHRM Lehman College Student Chapter. Her extensive experiences partnered with her passion to serve, Loveness has a keen understanding of the industry and the inherent challenge of recruiting and training staff, which is one of the reasons she partnered with her husband to start The Logan Staffing Solutions, Inc. Loveness is aware of the challenges that agencies face in staffing their programs. Many agencies are challenged with staffing issues that range from recruitment and retention to staff lacking the necessary skills to succeed in the Human Services field. Loveness works with Olumese Logan, to develop and provide high-quality training so staff are well-equipped to deliver exceptional services to the individuals they serve.

Message from the Chief Executive Officer, Olumese Logan

I am so excited you are considering either partnering with us or working for us. I have had the pleasure of working in the Human Services industry for over two decades. I have served as a mentor to agencies who provide services for individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges. I have also worked as a consultant and a trainer to these agencies in addition to agencies who provide services to children and homeless individuals. I am truly passionate about this field and want to see all who enter this industry as Direct Care Providers be successful.

I am fortunate to have formed great contacts throughout my career and even greater friendships with professionals who are just as passionate as I am. I founded the Logan Training Group (LTG) several years ago and wanted to take my career and impact to the next level. My desire to meet the needs of the Social Services community inspired me to step out with a trusted team to start The Logan Staffing Solutions, Inc. It has been unlike anything I have been a part of – overwhelming at times but knowing I am making a difference in the lives of people who really depend on us is my daily motivation.

The birth of my business came about after training and instructing Direct Care Providers and Child Care Counselors. I witnessed firsthand the staffing challenges in the industry and decided to create a company that would meet the needs of agencies. I am incredibly grateful I had the courage to start The Logan Staffing Solutions, Inc. and all the more thankful to the team that supports me every day.

To our current partners: Thank you for trusting The Logan Staffing Solutions, Inc. to take care of your staffing needs. I assure you that you are in good hands.

To our potential partners: We are so excited at the possibility of working with you. We hope you will partner with us as a way to deliver high-quality care to the individuals you serve.
To our wonderful temp staff: Thank you for all that you do. We thank you for your hard work and dedication to the individuals you work with. We know it takes a very special person to do the work you all have committed to.

And to my amazing team: The Logan Staffing Solutions, Inc. would not be possible without you. I am looking forward to much success in the future. It doesn’t matter if we are pressed for time trying to solve a problem or whether we are sharing laughs, I appreciate all of you and cherish the challenging moments as well as the great moments. Let’s continue to create memories and most importantly change lives!

Warmest Regards,
Olumese Logan
Chief Executive Officer